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6th Annual Rooted in Place Ecological Gardening Symposium  

How A Place-Based Garden Culture of Care Strengthens Places and Their People: Presented by Jennifer Jewell, this program will explore the philosophy of the Cultivating Place podcast that gardens/gardeners are powerful spaces and agents for potentially positive change in our world.

Envisioning a Future Forest: Presented by Pete Grima, a Service Forester with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation covering northern Berkshire County, this presentation will describe the process of envisioning a future forest to be planted in an old field, with a mind towards carbon storage and climate resilience. 

Knockout Native Species and Cultivars: A presentation by Sam Hoadley, the Horticultural Research Manager at Mt. Cuba Center, provides an overview of his work evaluating native plant species, old and new cultivars, as well as hybrids in Mt. Cuba’s Trial Garden. 

Lessons in Built Ecology: Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85 acre, organic park in the middle of New York City, was created with ecology in mind. The park’s award-winning piers include top-notch recreation and entertainment — from opera to outdoor films, all of it beautifully designed. But the piers also contain native woodlands, freshwater wetlands, salt marshes, and numerous meadows. These areas echo native ecosystems and are managed with an emphasis on wildlife habitat. This talk, presented by Rebecca McMackin, will encompass the many ecological strategies employed by the park’s designers, as well as the management techniques park staff have developed to cultivate biodiversity. 

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