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$28 – $52

$28 Balcony
$52 Orchestra & Mezzanine 

The cabaret beckons as Close Encounters With Music ushers in the winter season in the Berkshires. In a performance that evokes the twenties of the last century—a time exemplified by Art Deco, Prohibition, the loosening of social restraints, Jazz, the Charleston and flappers—“Roaring Twenties” offers a panorama of composers and styles that defined and shaped the era: Samuel Barber, Kurt Weill, Alexander Zemlinsky, Hanns Eisler, Cole Porter, Poulenc, Schoenberg, and Erwin Schulhoff provide a bi-continental glimpse into a decade that still looms colorful, mythical and seductive. Soon to be banned in the thirties by the Third Reich, their brilliant, razor-sharp, wicked and enduring songs (“Bilbao”; “Speak Low”; “Makin’ Whoopee”) are part of the program featuring Entartete (degenerate) music, composers who careers and lives were interrupted and irrevocably altered by the rise of National Socialism. A tribute to the decade of artistic dynamism in theater, film, art and music almost unparalleled in cultural history. 

Heather Johnson, mezzo-soprano; William Ferguson, tenor; Ieva Jokubaviciute, piano; and Yehuda Hanani, cello 

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