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Natalie MacMaster is a Canadian folk musician who started playing the fiddle at the age of 9. Natalie is a musician who has toured with various artists and bands and has released a few albums with her husband, Donnell Leahy. One of Cape Breton’s most important exports and a superstar in the Celtic music world (though she’s far too humble to admit it), fiddler and step-dancer Natalie MacMaster has built a sterling, multi-decade career on electrifying playing and must-see live performances. 

“I’m continually amazed by what the fiddle has brought to my life,” MacMaster offers. “It has carried me through my childhood, through my teens, my young adult life, my married life and now motherhood. And I still love it as much as ever. Same with Donnell. It’s unexpected and awesome.” 

Donnell Leahy is known as one of the best fiddlers in the world. He has been playing and performing for most of his life, and his skills as an instrumentalist are unmatched. His Irish/Cape Breton heritage contributes to the unique sound of his music. Alongside his wife and musical collaborator, Natalie MacMaster, Donnell Leahy has cemented his reputation as a peerless instrumentalist able to synthesize traditional influences with more contemporary Celtic/folk sensibilities. 

The pair realized early on that being on the road without their kids was infinitely harder than touring with them. That the children were already being home-schooled (MacMaster has a teaching degree) made enacting that decision easier. “Initially we were reluctant to let the kids perform. We worried the expectations might be too much,” Leahy says. “But then one night we put Mary Frances on stage. Soon after that Michael wanted to play. And you must reward practice.” 

“Christmas is where the whole concept started, and we are very excited to be travelling as a family again” says Donnell Leahy. “It’s a perfect time to travel with the children and bring light and happiness to families and fans across the country. 

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