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Photos by Christina Lane Photography and Marina Dominguez

Or contact Diane at or 413-644-9040 x123 to receive a reply envelope by mail, or to make your gift by phone.

The Mahaiwe is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Name a Seat

Photo by Christina Lane Photography

You can pay tribute to a family member, a friend, or a special occasion by naming a seat in their honor in the historic Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center. You can name a seat in the Balcony ($500), Mezzanine ($1,500), Orchestra ($2,500) or Prime Orchestra ($5,000). An engraved brass plaque will be affixed to the arm of your chosen seat(s). Seat pledges can be paid in installments over time, and are 100% tax deductible.

“I am delighted to have named seats in this splendid theater, and hope that others join me to ensure the future of this wonderful cultural center. It is an invaluable addition to life here.” — Roberta Silman

For more information, contact Director of Advancement Diane Wortis at 413-644-9040 x123 or

Current Seat Honorees

A101 Berkshire Life Charitable Foundation
B101 In Honor of Zeke Cohen
B106  In Appreciation of B. Carter White
B109  In Memory of Grandma Ern
B110  In Memory of Samuel and Anna Jacobs
C1  Maureen and Paul Hickey
C101  Hugh Hardy
C102  Tiziana Hardy
C105  Starplow Farm – John and Lyssa Miller
C108  Jane Fitzpatrick
C109  Jack Fitzpatrick
D1  Rosalie and Craig Berger & Family
D2  Robbie Birch
D3  Rosalie and Craig Berger & Family
D4  Lawrence Birch
D6  Stacey and Jeffrey Weber
D101  Jeffrey Casdin
D102  Sharon Casdin
D103  In Honor of the Casdin Family
D104  Laura Buchwald
D105  Allan Jaffe
D106  Toby Jaffe
D107  In Honor of John Hoyt Stookey
D108  Beryl Jolly
D109  Dena Hardymon
D110  Felda Hardymon
E1  Margery and Everett Jassy & Family
E3  Jane and Barry Schulman
E2  Carol Bekar – Eric Swanson
E4  Michael A. Miller – Annette L. Miller
E6  Michael A. Miller – Annette L. Miller
E101  Don Buchwald
E102  Maggie Buchwald
E103  Lorna M. Strassler
E104  In Honor of Lorna M. Strassler
E105  In Honor of Charles and Debby Buchwald
E106  Jill Jaffe
E107  Bob Jaffe
E108  Lola Jaffe
E109  Ed Jaffe
F1  The Salke Family
F2  Carol and George Jacobstein
F3  Stacey and Jeffrey Weber
F4  Carol and George Jacobstein
F5  Walter and Urslua Cliff
F6  Jim Chervenik
F7  Walter and Urslua Cliff
F8  Francoise Nunnalle
F101  George M Jacobstein
F102  Carol S. Jacobstein
F103  In Memory of Fritz Beinecke
F104  In Memory of Carrie Beinecke
F105  Ben Beinecke
F106  Jack Beinecke
F107  Candace Beinecke
F108  Rick Beinecke
F109  In Loving Memory of Lorna Delano
F110  Betsy and Herb Abelow
G1  In Memory of Allen E. Morris
G2  Marilyn and Ron Walter
G3  Big Y World Class Market
G4  Marilyn and Ron Walter
G101  Sherwood Sumner Destination Prod Inc.
G102  Marjorie Sumner – Manor Lane GB 2006
G103  Anne Pistell
G104  David M. Kozak
G105 Grace Feinman – The Mahaiwe lives in her heart xo
G107  In Memory of Linda Norris
G108  For Crosby and Joe Brooke – From Their Proud Mama
G109  In Memory of Hope Schoenfeld
H1  In Memory of Ira – Margaret Deutsch
H2  In Honor of Louis J. Allegrone
H101  Sam Kopel
H102  Sari Scheer
H108  In Loving Memory of Robert B. Bennett
H109  Honorable Milt Shadur
H110  Eckie Shadur
K3  Harry Ashendorf
K5  Wilkie Buchwald
K7  Miss Gabby Pieczarka
K9  In Honor of Otis Ryan
K11  In Honor of Cosmo Ryan
K13  In Memory of Elektra and Sentra-Margaret and Ira Deutsch
K15  Cookie Iredale Montgomery
K17  Geri Stookey

J1  Joyce and Edward Linde
J2  In Honor of Susan Grausman
J3  In Remembrance of Jeffrey Wasserman
J4  In Loving Memory of Barbara Greene
J6 In Loving Memory of Martin Greene
J101  In Memory of Jeffrey Casdin – The Drucker Family
J102  In Honor of Al Marrapodi – Love Eva, Francesca & Thomas
J103  In Honor of Rose Marie Marrapodi
J104  Richard Ziter M.D. – Laughran Vaber
J105  Marty and Jane Schwartz and Family
J106  Enjoy The Show – The Hooper Family
J107  The Grausman Family
J108  Rachel and Pamela Clarke & Family
J109  Courtesy of Andrews Ins. Agency
K1  Robin and Mike Klein-Strauss
K19  Olivia Alexander
K101  Nancy K. Kalodner
K102  Carolina P. Schulze
K103  Theodore M. Schulze
K104  Oliver W. Schulze
K105  Forever in Our Hearts – Jerry Spitz of Blessed Memory
K106  In Loving Memory of Dan Engle – Forever in Our Hearts
K107  Matthew and Candace Penn
K110  Neil and Kathleen Chrisman
L1  In Loving Memory of Herb Abelow – Penny and Stephen
L5  Banksy Buchwald
L7  Pago Buchwald Smith
L102  Jim Bouton – With Love and Laughter
L110  In Memory of Jeffrey Casdin
M109  Andrea Marks and David Warmflash – Gillian and Jordan
O101  To Bart – With Love, Marnie
O102  To Marnie – With Love, Bart

AA1  Imagine Jim Here – Enthralled by HD Opera
AA2  Bob and Peg Marcus
AA3  “La ci darem la mano” – 1955-2007
AA4  In Membory of Irve and Adel Tunick
AA5  Clara Londoner
AA6  Berkshire Co-Op Market Community Matters
AA8  Be Joyful – Anne Fredericks and Marc Fasteau
AA10  In memory of Carl “Skip” Pescosolido 1936-1992
AA12  In Memory of Phil Pescosolido 1959-2016
AA14  In Memory of Evelyn Bulkeley Pescosolido
AA16  The Austins of Blueberry Hill Farm
AA18  In Memory of Jean Spence Furcht
AA201  In Memory of Laurie Bouton
AA202  From the Thursday Morning Club
AA203  The Elitzer Family Fund
AA204  Dr. Stuart and Carol Kuller
AA205  The Manring Family
AA206  In Remembrance of Jane Cannon Smith
AA207  In Memory of David Shumay Barrett
AA208  In Celebration of – Arnold & Natalie Checkow!
AA209  Natalie & Arnold Checkow – A Celebration!
AA210  For Raymond F. Pieczarka – A Seat At The Mahaiwe 10-23-06
AA211  In Memory of Donald A Raifstanger
AA212  Saluting Paula Kurman & Jim Bouton – NKK
AA213  Pauline Ghitalla, A True Friend
AA214  In Celebration of Gail Guthrie’s – 2006-2007 4th Grade Class
BB1  To Alex and Anna – Love Mimi and Papa
BB2  In Memory of Lorraine Brooks Martin, December 6, 1928 – April 3, 2023
BB3  Barbara and Malcolm Bayliss
BB4  Leslie And Stephen Shatz
BB6  Honey Sharp and David Lippman
BB8  Community Supports to “Save the Mahaiwe” 1988
BB201  Richard & Ingrid Taylor
BB202  The Herrick Theatre Foundation
BB203  In Memory of Our Son – Gary Alex Feinberg
BB204  In Memory – Anita Lynn Miller at Mahawahee
BB205  Donated by Friends of the Mahaiwe
BB206  Albert Francke – Supporting the Mahaiwe
BB207  Albert Francke – Supporting the Mahaiwe
BB208  Celebrating Laura Checkow!
BB209  Margaret and Ira Deutsch – In memory of Arabella
BB210  Margaret and Ira Deutsch
BB211  In Memory of Ira Deutsch – From his Boston Neighbors
BB212  Judie Haywood
BB213  Jerry Vigeant
BB214  Carol Hemmingway Gardner
BB215  In Memory of Ed Jaffe – The Mahaiwe Preserved
CC201  Enjoy The Show – Robert A. Meister
CC202  Enjoy The Show – Jeanne C. Meister
CC206  In Memory of Andrea Kremen Kotlen – Margaret Deutsch
CC207  Estelle Miller
CC208  The Silman Family
CC209  The Silman Family
CC210  The Silman Family
CC211  The Silman Family
CC212  In Memory of Betty Rich McClelland
CC216  In Honor of Marilyn W. Alper and Muriel M. Moore

GG1  In Honor of Hugh Hardy
GG2  In Honor of Lola And Ed Jaffe – The Fishbein Family
GG3 In Honor of Hugh Hardy
GG4  In Honor of Lola And Ed Jaffe – The Fishbein Family
GG5  John E. Kochanowski – John M. Squarok
GG6  In Memory of Perry Friedman
GG301  Walter Jaffe & Paul King
GG302  Seth Rogovy and Karin Watkins
GG303  Nadia Szold Lippman
GG304  In Honor Of Lola Jaffe – Susan and Chris Ponsot
GG305  Daniel Bedford Lippmann
GG306  The Linden Family
GG307  Alexandra Sharp Lippman
GG308  In Honor of Lola Jaffe – Arnold And Joyce Sundel
GG309  Bobbie and David Olsen
GG310  Max Jaffe
GG311  Benjamin Bloomstein
GG312  Erica Jaffe
GG313  Nicholas Bloomstein
GG314  Bravo Lola – The Hamingston Family
GG315  Muriel and Seymour Epstein
GG316  Oskar Hallig
GG317  Interlaken Ladies Book & Kayak Club
GG318  The Family of Sue and Arnold Cohen
HH1  The Killeen Family
HH2  In Honor of Helen Raifstanger Cavanaugh
HH3  In Memory of Robert and Alfreda Rushmore
HH4  Janine And Harvey Engel
HH5  In Memory of Dearest Joyce Lord Parkin
HH6  In Memory of Richard T. Bellinger
HH301  From The Thursday Morning Club
HH302  In Memory of Ruth Paulding – Merry Nan and Bob Abolafia
HH303  Patrick, Kate, Nancy and Philip -Orenstein
HH304  Dick and Mimi Alford
HH305  Vicki and Bruce Safran
HH306  Phil, Wendy and Zoey Buchanan
HH307  In Honor of Each Other – Joyce and Lewis Scheffey
HH308  In Memory of Yolanda M. Seddio – Seddio-Cardiff Family
HH309  In Honor of Each Other – Joyce and Lewis Scheffey
HH310  Frank Curtiss
HH311  Annie, Zac, Robyn and Ira Transport
HH312  In Memory of Rose Delmolino – 1900-2001
HH313  Marsha and Stephen Meyers – Sweet Memories
HH314  Berkshire Bridge & Iron
HH315  In Honor of Hazel MacDonald Mheeler
HH316  Rodger O. Goldman and Family
HH317  In Loving Memory of Shirley Pearl
HH318  Vincent and Anne Murphy
JJ1  Danielle and Jeremy Jackson
JJ2  Joyce Wylie Whalen – She Loved Movies
JJ3  H. John and Francis Gluskin – Wonderful Grandparents
JJ4  John F. “Hink” Whalen – He Loved Joyce
JJ5  The Smerlings – My Dear Sisters
JJ6  Richard S. Needleman – Supporting The Arts!
JJ301  Walter Cliff
JJ302  Enduring Memories – Ronnie Wolf-Leon Family
JJ303  Castle Street Café
JJ304  Robert Rossen In Loving Memory – Av Weston and Ellen Rossen
JJ305  In Memory of – Linda Tetzlaff
JJ306  Joseph And Adrienne Silverstein
JJ307  Don <3 Judy Reinauer – October 24, 1981
JJ308  Molly Bersani
JJ309  The Town of Great Barrington -250th Anniversary
JJ310  Matthew Bersani
JJ311  Epstein Family
JJ312  For Shelley Hoon – Love John
JJ313  Ann and Matthew Kinne
JJ314  Ethel Patterson & Michael Bandzierz
JJ315  Carole and Alfred Schonberger & Family
JJ316  Lamberto and Susanna Crescentini
JJ317  Carole and Alfred Schonberger & Family
JJ318  Gene Dellea
KK1  Zoe Frankel
KK2  Sydney Jerome Prince
KK3 Schubert Ann Hancock (and Leo Too) *paw print*
KK4  In Honor of Jack & Judy Spencer
KK6 In Honor of Jack & Judy Spencer
KK301  Enjoy the Show! – Mika Sato
KK302  Enjoy the Show! – Emi Sato
KK303  Charlotte and Emma Adelson – 2 Great Girls
KK304  Hilltown Opera Lovers
KK305  In Honor of a Grand Child – Shayna Walker
KK306  In Memory of Gabriel Valenzuela
KK307  In Celebration of Carol and Bill Jolly
KK308  In Memory of Gabriel Valenzuela
KK309  For Janice & Arthur Adelson & Their Love of the Berkshires
KK310  In Memory of Valerie Smith
KK319  Thomas A. Blauvelt
KK320  Karin’s Proud Parents – Ben and Judy Watkins
KK322  Mazel Tov, Sophia! – Love The Killeen Family
LL1  In Recognition of Lionel Shaw and The Each Foundation for reimagining philanthropy
NN11  There’s no bad seat at the Mahaiwe! – Laura Chekow


Photo by Christina Lane Photography

Mahaiwe education programs offer world-class theatrical experiences to students from throughout the four-state region. It is an important component of the Mahaiwe’s mission to support the community by incorporating arts and humanities into education outreach. Fund education programming.

The Mahaiwe has welcomed over 22,000 students from over 73 different schools across the region to performances from around the world over the last ten years. For many this is their very first experience inside a theater, and we believe we are creating unforgettable highlights of each school year while also transforming many young people into lifelong arts lovers.


Our Community Engagement program is committed to establishing and growing partnerships with neighboring community and arts organizations to develop pathways for overcoming social and practical barriers so that immigrants, people of color, communities with low income, and others who have traditionally been underserved in the performing arts, can attend performances at the Mahaiwe.  Recent partnerships include those with VIM (Volunteers in Medicine Berkshires), Clinton Church Restoration, and the Town of Great Barrington W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Committee. Fund Community Engagement programs.

Learn more here.

Stock Gift

Follow these 4 steps to ensure successful and timely delivery of gifts of securities to the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center.

1. Notify Director of Advancement, Diane Wortis, at 413-644-9040 x123 or 413- 884-2862 that a transaction will occur. If you are not able to reach someone in the Advancement Office, you may contact Director of Finance and Administration, Karin Watkins at 413-644-9040 x108

2. Deliver to:
Fidelity Investments
DTC 0226

Attn: TOA Receives
PO Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036

Account Info:
Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, Inc. EIN 57-1140453
Fidelity Act. Z40332153
Account Type: Corporation Investment

3. Advisors, please enter the donor’s name in the notes section of the transfer.

4. Written instructions are required if the gift is to be restricted.

Thank you for thinking of the Mahaiwe. Your gift helps bring audiences a diverse offering of year-round, high-quality performing arts on stage and screen, maintains the historic Mahaiwe theater, and strengthens community cohesion and local economic vitality.